In-studio (Basic) – Session engineered by professional audio engineer. 

In-studio (Live-to-Drive) – Session engineered by professional audio engineer.  Sound clips (music, ads, transitions, intro/outro) mixed live into recording (eliminates editing time).  

Mobile recording at your Minnesota or western Wisconsin location.



Every podcast is unique and has different needs when it comes to editing.  Let’s chat so we’re on the same page. 



  • Your own personally branded podcast available in iTunes/Apple Podcasts (1st FOUR episodes) complete with podcast cover art and background music for intro with professional voice-over talent to introduce you and your unique show
  • Provide guidance with planning episode content, length, and frequency
  • Audio recording, editing, and mixing (four episodes)



Grab first-time listeners’ attention in the first 30 seconds.  Make or break a relationship with a new listener.  Every episode will be some listener’s first time hearing your message and possibly their last time if they aren’t entertained, intrigued, impressed by high quality, and quickly understanding your message.  

Use PROFESSIONAL VOICEOVER TALENT with a style that contrasts your voice. Entertain listeners with MEANINGFUL BACKGROUND MUSIC.  Improve your show’s TAGLINE/DESCRIPTION.  Listen to DEMOS (CLICK) of our PROFESSIONAL VOICE TALENT (21 listed). 

Why go pro with the VO?...CLICK HERE  

What about all of your existing episodes?  We can update those files for you (price varies based on number of updates).  



If you know how to record and edit high quality audio and are handling your intro production and cover art on your own and just need help with your RSS feed and setting up the podcast, then this service is for you.  There are a lot of options when it comes to media hosting and podcast publication plugins and tools.  Let's make sense of what will work best for you.



Use professionally designed podcast cover art to attract new listeners.  You provide desired images.  We'll do the rest. 



There's more to producing a podcast than simply recording and editing audio.  You may find that you would like help with show notes, MP3 tagging, uploading files to your media host, posting episodes on your website, etc.  We can handle some or all of these tasks to give you more time to focus on your content.